Featured Artist of the Week

Tarey Potter

My photography begins through the use of digital SLR photography and a computer, which emphasizes the endless medium of digital media. I try to create meditative environments that provoke thought and inspiration. My sculptures are an attempt to transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary, to bridge the conceptual realm to the material world. I recycle and repurpose objects using materials in ways that distill and represent various aspects of their inherent physical properties, revealing an unexpected beauty in a previously unseen way.

Contact info

Email: tao@theeartof.com
Website: theeartof.com
Facebook: theeartof
Twitter: TAOTareyP
LinkedIn: tareyp
Google+: Tarey Potter
Pinterest: tareyofp
Flickr: tareyp
Myspace: tarey.ofp
Twitter: daxorama
Etsy: Tarey P
Pixels.com: tarey-potter
Instagram: tareyofp
Facebook: lunegore
Tribes: theeartof

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