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Photo by Vivienne Nieuwenhuizen on Unsplash

The Treasure Valley Artists Alliance (“TVAA”) provides web content in support of its mission to strengthen and sustain the visual artist community in the Treasure Valley. TVAA maintains a website (“the Website”) featuring news, announcements, links to resources, application forms for TVAA membership, sign up forms and information on TVAA workshops, calls to artists for TVAA art exhibitions, and other information pertaining to TVAA. The goal of the Website is to be accurate, current, and relevant to visual artists.

Announcements on the Website are posted on the Home page and on the Announcements page. Announcements focus on opportunities for visual artists such as grants and scholarships; calls to artists for exhibitions and public art; employment opportunities; TVAA-sponsored meetings and events; open calls from arts organizations; resources for artists; invitations to TVAA exhibitions; TVAA organizational changes, policy, and fund raisers; news of cultural and arts events with broad appeal to the community; and bulletins supporting the health and welfare of the community and its members. Visitors to the Website are encouraged to subscribe to the announcements.

The Website provides a way for TVAA’s Members and the community at large to publish art-related announcements with the Community Post feature. Community posts are intended to provide a way for local artists to make announcements of art exhibitions, open studios, awards, workshops, sales, accomplishments, and opportunities in support of TVAA’s mission. The Community post page is monitored for appropriate content and not all posts are published, at the sole discretion of TVAA. TVAA reserves the right to approve, reject, or remove any content submitted for any reason. Members of the public and organizations are also encouraged to use and subscribe to the Community post.

TVAA provides a list of local and web-based resources and opportunities for visual artists. The intention is to provide artists with helpful information and links to other arts organizations, exhibition, grant and employment opportunities, professional development sites, art supplies, and services in support of the TVAA mission. There is no charge for a listing on the Resources for Artists page. Anyone can request a link to be included on the Resources page, though not all requests are approved. TVAA reserves the right to approve, reject, or remove any content on the Website for any reason.

TVAA does not guarantee, recommend, or endorse any of the products or services offered on the Website unless explicitly stated. The contents of the websites linked from the Resources for Artists page and the views of the authors of Community posts do not represent those of TVAA.

Community Posts

AllĀ Community posts posts are moderated, edited and approved or rejected. Our goal is to complete the moderation process within 24 hours but it may take several days. TVAA reserves the right to exclude any post for any reason. TVAA does not guarantee, recommend, or endorse any of the products or services offered in Community Posts or anywhere else on the Website unless explicitly stated by TVAA. The views of the authors of community posts do not represent those of TVAA. As with anything you find online, use caution and common sense before purchasing anything. TVAA urges you to be very careful about sharing your personal information online. Appropriate posts benefit the community.

Downloadable content

TVAA does not provide downloadable content on the Website from external organizations. This includes PDF files, forms, documents, and other files. However, the Website does provide links to external files when appropriate. Users are encouraged to exercise caution when clicking on links and other content outside of the Website.

Updated February 2024