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INSTINCT: An Art Exhibition by TVAA

By October 21, 2023October 29th, 2023Exhibitions2 min read

INSTINCT: An Art Exhibition
by TVAA at
Nampa Civic Center

311 3rd St S, Nampa, ID 83651

You Are Cordially Invited to the Artists Reception
Saturday, October 21st


Exhibition Runs:
September 19, 2023 – January 18, 2024



The “Instinct” show is up! See it now thru January 18, 2024 at the Nampa Civic Center. Opening reception will be October 21 at 6pm and feature live music and concessions.

Sweeney Todd will be performed in the theater that night by Music Theater of Idaho so make it a twofer! This show, being about instincts, features many animals. Consider the show the animal shelter. Will you adopt something to take home and treasure?

Event Link:

This is a FREE event. If you are a TVAA member, share this on your profile so we get exposure across the valley. If you are not a TVAA member, come see the show anytime during the open hours at the Nampa Civic Center and/or join us at the opening reception. Also share on your profile and invite others to visit the show.

Exhibiting Artists:
Alan Bailey
Gina Brotsmeyer
Susan Elcox
Suzanne Knorr
Patricia Koleini
Bonnie Liles
Denise McGoldrick
Kathleen Smith
Joan Thomas
Helen Grainger Wilson
Karin Yahr

Visit artist profiles here:


Animals migrate, climb, den, nest, fight, court, protect, play, metamorphosis, communicate, develop tools, work together in cooperation, have strong maternal instincts, change colors, change sex, exhibit family bonding, clean, hunt… and these instincts are not fixed, they can evolve and change with time, generations, climate, threats and benefits.

Every living organism exhibits these complex behaviors made up of both inborn unconscious mannerisms as well as learned elements. These behaviors, even in humans, comprise our instincts and much of what makes us identifiable or “predictable” and is wide and varied across the animal kingdom. Instincts make us wonder if they are emotion driven or merely sensory driven.  Where do the senses end and emotions begin?