“Our mission is to forge connections among visual artists in the Treasure Valley, to create opportunities for creative collaboration, and to support the artistic community.”

Volunteers wrote the mission statement above. They are the backbone of the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance. We have an all-volunteer board of directors and each committee is made up of volunteers who create our wonderful exhibitions, respond to members’ questions, manage our bookkeeping, and facilitate our workshops. Scroll down to see current volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to our volunteers!

We wish to sincerely thank this year’s volunteers who run the board, facilitate workshops, balance our books, curate our exhibitions, provide food at our events, and answer the call when there is a need.

Thank you!

Volunteers in the Spotlight

Jesse Bateman

Jesse Bateman is picking up speed going into 2018. He is using his art talents in the art community as well as the spiritual community. During his school years, Jesse took art classes and learned his love of art. After school his life took a different direction for many years. Around 2000 his difficult life experiences returned him to his love of art. Through schooling, self-teaching, self-discovery, and passion for his creativity he has developed his unconditional love. Some of Jesse’s favorite pieces of art have been gifted to his family and are not displayed publicly. In 2007, through his mentors and studies, he began to use art as a medium to inspire people. He started his lead position for Urban Sketchers in 2016. Jesse An Artist was created in 2017. Going into 2018, he leads Urban Sketchers, displays his art, enters art contests, produces artwork in live settings, and uses art as a medium to inspire people.

Jesse’s plan for Urban Sketchers going into 2018 is 1) getting young people, local artists, and surrounding area artists more involved; 2) establishing a committee of persons to carry out –  more monthly outings, sketchers art shows, and a couple of meetings; and 3) capturing downtown Boise as seen through the eyes of the sketchers and to have a funded project that represents the sketches in a mural placed in a prominent downtown Boise business.

Presently, Urban Sketchers meets on the first Saturday of each month at downtown businesses and sketching indoor/outdoor scenes of Urban Boise. Jesse can be contacted at us@treasurevalleyartistsalliance.org

Cindy Marlow
Cindy serves on our board as Secretary and has recently taken on an additional position as Membership Chair. Membership Chair is an extremely important job at the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance. Without members we do not have an alliance. Cindy is a printmaker, jewelry sculptor, mask maker, book artist and proprietor at Organika Botanika, www.organikabotanika.com. Thank you, Cindy!

Volunteer Opportunities

By volunteering, you become an important contributor to this vibrant community. Please find below positions that are currently open.

Board Member
Skills needed: Teamwork experience and, above all, a passion for serving the arts community
Are you interested in serving on the Board of one of the most dynamic arts organizations in the Treasure Valley? We seek committed individuals with experience and interest in exhibitions, artist development, marketing, volunteer management, and/or written communication. If interested, please send your resume and area of interest to president@treasurevalleyartistsalliance.org.