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Exhibition Poster image  by Leslie Jay Bosch
Header Image: Photo by Gaelle Marce on

Try something new! Take a virtual walk through the exhibition.

Exhibition Dates
June 23 – October 6,  2020  Exhibition at Nampa Civic Center
July 13 2020  Online exhibition opens

Treasure Valley Artists Alliance / Nampa Chapter

Curator’s Statement

2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of the TVAA as well as the 30th Anniversary of the Nampa Civic Center! In CELEBRATION of this milestone year, TVAA members have created celebration themed artworks to answer the following questions. What do we celebrate in our own lives, in our art, in our community? 2020 is a challenging year where many celebrations have been canceled. In the spirit of creative innovation, TVAA is working to create new virtual ways of interacting with this art exhibition. In addition to the currently installed physical art exhibition at the Nampa Civic Center, and this web-based art gallery, TVAA is also working to develop an interactive 3D virtual gallery version of Celebration. The virtual gallery will be a way to interact with the artworks in a simulated 3D environment. To add to the festive nature of this Celebration, TVAA will be awarding Best of Show prizes to selected artworks from this exhibition! Stay tuned for the announcement of those awards and the unveiling of the virtual gallery experience.


Leslie Jay Bosch, Exhibitions Curator for TVAA at Nampa Civic Center

Celebration winners

• 1st Place for Best Mastery of Medium, Best Series, Best Finished Presentation – Laurel MacDonald (Quartet, Dancing in the Garden, Cabbage Queen, Entire Series)

• 2nd Place for Best Relevance of Theme to Current Events – Shawn Hubbs (A Cup of Trembling)

• 3rd Place for Best Use of Medium, Colors and Patterns, Best Finished Presentation – Rena Vandewater (Sunrise Vineyard)

• Honorable Mention for Best Gesture / Composition – Jill Storey (Bayou Bounty)

• Honorable Mention for Best Media Technique – Laura Wolstenholme (Gratitude)

• Honorable Mention for Best Narrative – Thomas Bicak (Huffy Mainliner)

• Honorable Mention for Best Mixed Media – Lizzie Taylor (Damp Dog Fixin to Celebrate)

• Honorable Mention for Best Series – Mary Arnold (Dogs Entire Series)