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Welcome to Pieces of Me, an online exhibition created by the Treasure Valley Artists Alliance.


Throughout history artists have chosen to depict themselves in their work. We have shared our pain, our triumphs, our confusion, and our joy. The self portrait digs deep and doesn’t hide imperfections. Using ourselves as a subject gives the views of our work a way to connect with us and themselves. 

Show us your humanity or your introspection, make us laugh, or cry, but most importantly be you.

June 8,  2021  Exhibition opens
September 7, 2021  Exhibition closes

Exhibition Poster image  by Jessie Swimeley

Mark McGinnis

Jessie Swimeley

Andrew Groth

Leslie Jay Bosch

Michael Leman

Jill Storey

Mary Arnold

Cindi Walton

Stephen Graci

Carolyn Greener

Beth Trott

Amy Bennick

Martha Heukensfeld

Martha Heukensfeld

Lizzi Taylor

Tony Morse

Tony Morse

Hella1982 Creative X

Gail Park

Gary McCall

Mary Gardiner