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Susan Elcox just retired, and is look forward to more time for her artwork, rug hooking.

She recently completed Old Time Fire Wagon (30″ x 61.5″) a pieces she has been working on for nearly 2 years.

Before she starts on another big project, she wanted to do a couple smaller projects.  

Susan finished a design by one of her students who decided to give up rug hooking. Her student designed a cute, comical pattern of a spotted dog (16″ x 24″).  

Now Susan is working on an elephant piece (23.5″ x 29.5″) which should take her about a month to complete.  

She is thinking one of her projects after that might be a colorful dragon before she starts on a large (60″ x 63″) floral rug.


You can see another design by Susan here!

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