By April 12, 2018March 18th, 2020Call to artists

Midnight today is deadline for submissions!


Call to Artists for WORK & PLAY

How do we feel about work vs. play?  Consider the different ways that we work and play and the ways that these are changing.  How are work and play the same or different, or how do they compete for our attention and time? Play with your artistic media, shape, form and conventions.  When is art-making work and when is it play?  Consider our public spaces versus private spaces. Where are we allowed to work or play?  What are the architectural and sociological structures supporting or limiting these two modes?  Let the play begin . . .

The show is open to all media and will display at Boise State Public Radio, June 8 – August 10.  Entries can be submitted starting April 13th.  The submissions deadline is May 18th at midnight.

To apply for the exhibition, see TVAA Juried Art Exhibition at You must be a TVAA member to apply.  Not a member?  You can join here.