Explain Six Blind Men to an Elephant

Explain Six Blind Men to an Elephant is an audience interactive artwork in which viewers can interact with the soft sculpture gloves. Gloves can be shown on a pedestal or included in a basket if preferred.

Performance Score for Experiencing Experience:

Alternatively, describe an elephant to:

A friend
A stranger
Six blind men
A computer
A tree
An elephant


Explain Six Blind Men to an Elephant and Performance Score for Experiencing Experience modernize and reverse the well-known Indian parable in which blind men encounter an elephant and each describes the whole based on a different part he has felt. The blind men dispute what they have experienced and are told by a sighted man that the whole elephant contains all of those parts. The parable speaks to conflict resolution and acceptance of differing beliefs. By exploring the parable in modern context, I encourage the viewer to consider possibility as a means of further examining perception, experiential realities, and more points of view (beyond what we see and feel as humans).