The Bumble Fish

Today, the Bumble Fish lives in the Salmon River in Idaho. The Bumble Fish was created from a combination of bee larvae and salmon eggs. More than 2000 years ago a bumblebee hive fell into the Salmon River. The hive barged up against debris and tangled itself forever in the water. There, the passing salmon laid their eggs all around the hive. When the tiny bee larvae emerged from their hive, they met the salmon eggs that were all around. The little larvae were very hungry so they ate the salmon eggs and those larvae grew into what is known today as the Bumble Fish. The Bumble Fish, though rare to be seen will sometimes come to the waters surface if you sit on the shores of the Salmon River with a honey sandwich. If you study the Bumble Fish closely you will discover different traits of the Salmon Fish and the bumblebee. Be careful if you see one, as it is believed that a sting can be very painful and will forever give you a craving for lox.