The Goddess’ Purpose

In her loneliness, the maker silently implored her creation to help express feelings of sadness and isolation. To help find the powerfully precious lessons that comes from pushing past anxiety to forge connections with other similarly isolated people. The goddess heard her plea and decided to answer her prayers.

She became aware of her surroundings and though she couldn’t see, she could feel intuitively her maker’s satisfaction in her creation. The deity’s intention was to ease those that suffer alone and start conversations to form connections between the lonely.

“You are going to make a stir.” The maker whispered under her breath.

Her maker carried her and set her in a place where she could sense several people. She enjoyed the feeling of the sun shining through the window behind her. It was calming to hear the quiet sounds of footsteps and small talk as people rushed through their day. Every now and then, someone would stop and she could sense their gaze, hear the quiet intake of breath, “wow.” Even when two or three people would stop and remark to each other, “That’s a little creepy,” it didn’t bother her. She knew that she was doing what she intended to do.

“It’s okay if people take selfies with her, she’s meant to start conversation.” She overheard her maker say the first day she was set in this public place.

“Oh good,” the security officer replied, “There’s already been two people doing that.”

As the days rolled by, she began to notice something. When people stopped to see her, they were only making small connections in a room that should be full of them. Though she could not see those around her, she could still feel a palpable mood of loneliness emanating from them. They would drone, “Hi, how are you?” and emptily reply, “Fine, how are you?” Even among friends, this was not a deep connection. She felt the sensation of seclusion fade but only for a moment, then they would slip back into their isolation. She was confused and wanted to grab and shake them awake but could only wordlessly call out, Why? You are in a room filled with other people!

Throughout the day, more individuals came and went, not looking at each other, not talking to each other and feeling so alone that it made her wish she could cry. Please look up, there are people right here, you are not alone!

That night, she became discouraged, letting that loneliness seep into her cloth and steal her happiness. It was easy to become complacent when you were surrounded by unhappy people. A thought began to wear away at her resolve to live her purpose, everyone is so disconnected, why bother trying?

Just then, the security guard came around the corner, and with a start and a chuckle, said out loud “Oh it’s you! I was worried there for a minute.” She could feel his smile as he went on with his duties and a bit of hope returned.

The next morning a young girl walked up and stole a quick feel of the fabric that covered her face, “How is this made?” she asked her father. “I’m not sure, I guess it’s…” Just then the voice of her maker answered before he could finish. “It’s cloth and paint. Go ahead and touch it, I’m the artist and I say yes.” The girl giggled and ran her hands over the surface of the mannequin’s texture. “This is so cool!”

As the maker checked her over and adjusted her stand, she asked the guard how things have been going with her installation. He laughed and told her of his mistaking her for an intruder the night before, “People are really enjoying this. They laugh and talk and take pictures with her. It’s pretty cool. What grade did you get?”

“We will find out today. Wish me luck!” She could feel the maker’s nervousness and smiled inside remembering the wonder in the voice of the young girl. The goddess had lived her purpose, surprised others out of their isolation, helped passersby to connect, encouraged them to look up and talk to each other. Even if it was in a small way, that was the true goal.

A few minutes later, the large group of students surrounded her. “So, what do you think works well with this piece?” the teacher asked.

She couldn’t focus on the answers, though they were encouraging, she was overwhelmed with the sensation of positive energy. Approval came from so many directions at one time she was a little overwhelmed. Now she understood the nervousness her maker was feeling.

“The only thing I can say about this piece, Angela,” the teacher continued, “is maybe you should make this a series. Explore other color combinations. Blue could express the feeling of depression as well as the black…”

She could no longer concentrate on his words. A series? More like me? That was an exciting idea. She would love to invite more deities, to have a family of connection producers. Maybe they all could make more of a difference, connecting more, making that palpable feeling of loneliness less and less potent, change the isolation one connection at a time. That was a happy thought. Yes, please make more like me.