Pirates of the Caribbean

In the summer of 2016 I was driving for a share ride company. It was a late, almost midnight
when I received a call to pick up a woman at the Alibi, a small bar on the outskirts of town.
When I arrived at my destination I parked out front and waited for my fare to show up. When I
looked over at the entrance three pirates stood up from their seats on a bench out front. I did a double
take, because one, it was July not October 31st, and two it was 100 degrees outside. They
swaggered in my direction having had a little too much rum. The first pirate, Jack, was seven feet
tall and his female companions were about my height of five foot three. They were dressed in the best
pirate costumes I had ever seen. It was like they had stepped off a movie set. They were wearing pirate
hats, black leather vests and pants with swords strapped to their thighs. I laughed as they got
inside my vehicle and I complimented them on their attire. Pirate Jack sat in the front seat like
the captain of a ship while his lasses sat in the back. Immediately they started speaking in pirate
tongue. Pirate Jack said, “ARRRRGH, Ahoy Matey! Me and Me hearties just walked the plank and are
heading for Davy Jones’s Locker.” I laughed at the banter back and forth between us and as I started the
drive I noticed that the final destination had not been uploaded into my navigation. I mentioned it to
Captain Jack. He told me that he would give me the directions of where to go. The vehicle moved
forward and I took that moment to mention to my crew, that I had been naming my drives and writing a
little about them, because each one was so different. I told them that I was naming them the Pirates for
obvious reasons. Halfway to X marks the spot a lass from the back informed me that we would be
“driving through a tunnel to get to their place.”
Now I’ve lived in this area for over forty years and have spent a lot of time driving in my car.
The only tunnels I know about are the Kuna Caves, some Idaho City Mines and some train
tunnels to McCall. I looked at the lass in the rear view mirror and told her that I would be
changing their name to Pirates of the Caribbean because we would be driving through a tunnel. I
was in disbelief of the idea of a tunnel because our current road looked over the lights of the city
and was flat like a Silver Dollar. Captain Jack let me know the final directions for our
destination: “left ninety degree rudder, go forward until it dead ends, then right ninety degree
rudder.” I was thinking that I’d better keep a weather eye open to avoid any disasters and all hands
were on deck! The last commands given came into view and as my headlights panned right, low
and behold right before our eyes was a dirt mound hill with a silver metal tunnel going right
through the middle of it! The tunnel echoed as we entered and I turned to my crew to say, “It’s
just like Pirates of the Caribbean!” and as we shot out of the other side, like a cannon ball, the
lass in the back seat pointed her finger out the port hole and said, “And there’s our pirate ship!!”
I looked over and saw a giant pontoon boat, next to a single wide trailer that had a gigantic 4×4
Truck in front of it. The wheels were taller than my vehicle! I stopped right next to the 4×4 and my crew
disembarked. We all laughed as they gave me part of their booty, exiting to their final