The Witch Fairy

Morrin, the Witch Fairy, lived in a pumpkin patch outside of Nampa, Idaho. Every year hundreds of children came for miles around to pick out their favorite pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

Now, Morrin had been busy for months, growing her pumpkins to just the right size and shape. Her pumpkins were sure to make every child want to take one or two home.

All of them, except for one very tiny pumpkin.

This pumpkin thought she would never find a child that wanted to take her home. She wasn’t the biggest pumpkin, the roundest pumpkin and she didn’t have the beautiful bright orange color that all the other pumpkins had. She sighed sadly. How was she ever going to find a home.

Morrin heard her sad sigh, flew over and tried to cheer her up. She even gave her a cheerful name, Peppy.

Morrin visited Peppy everyday and listened to her stories about her being worried about no child picking her to go home with them.

Morrn had a idea about how to make Peppy the best pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. She carved eyes and a soft smile on Peppy’s face.

Oh my! Peppy was so excited! She was sure that a child would pick her now! Days went by and no one picked Peppy. It was early evening and the sky was starting to dim. She got very sad and started to lose hope. Halloween was the next day.

Morrin lit a small candle inside of Peppy and flittered away. Far across the pumpkin patch you could see the soft glow of Peppy’s eyes and her soft smile.

Suddenly, Morrin showed up flittering around excitedly. “Get ready!” She squealed. “You’re going home!”

A small girl, the smallest one in her class was dragging her mom across the pumpkin patch. She said. “See Momma, I told you there would be the perfect pumpkin left at the pumpkin patch!”

Morrin and Peppy grinned at each other happily. Peppy WAS perfect, she was the perfect size to sit on the little girls nightstand and comfort on Halloween night.

Picking up pumpkin seeds for next year, Morrin’s job that year was done and pumpkins should :