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2019 Juried Awards

By January 28, 2019March 18th, 2020Opportunities

Artists and friends gathered at BSPR to view the 2019 Juried Show.

The 2019 Juried Show is an incredible showcase of the immense talent of Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance’s artists.  It is a brilliant finale to our relationship with Boise State Public Radio.  We had a wonderful turnout of artists and art lovers!

Juror Laurel Macdonald chose 54 amazing works of art to display. She also had the honor of giving out awards!


First Place

Helen Grainger Wilson

Sunshine and Shadow; Kokanee Spawning by Helen Grainger Wilson



Second Place

Kerri Silvernell

Big Springs Life #1 by Kerri Silvernell



Third Place

Trish Thope

Unfamiliar Spades by Trish Thorpe


Honorable Mentions:

Sageland by Pam Demo


Eggplant by Bernard Echanow


Self Portrait Book by Debby Graf


Cool Nip of Autumn by Betty Hayzlett


The 2019 Juried show will be on display until March 14th 2019 at Boise State Public Radio.


About the Juror:
Laurel Macdonald is Linocut, artist now working and living in Boise.
She taught high school art and has given various oil painting, journal-making, and printing workshops around the Pullman/ Moscow area.
She works primarily with printing processes, like linocuts; her imagery comes from nature (flowers, dogs, birds, fish, people).  Her print, Waiting for Godot, appeared on the Jan 2, 2019,  cover of Boise Weekly.  Her oil painting, Sisters, was the signature image for the Smith and Coelho Show April 2018. Currently, she was the carving instructor for the Dia de Los Muertos workshops at JUMP, Sept/Oct. 2018.She recently moved to Boise from Moscow, ID.  Her prints can be seen at Bloom’s in Boise, ID, Dahmen’s Barn in Uniontown, WA, Gritman Hospital in Moscow, ID, Black Cypress in Pullman, WA, The Wellness Center in Moscow, ID, and Book People in Moscow, ID.